Continuing Progress while 
Preserving our Past

The 156th legislative district (including West Chester Borough, East Goshen, Westtown, Thornbury, Birmingham and Northern West Goshen) is among the country’s most attractive areas to live, work, raise a family and retire—and for good reason. Low taxes, well-managed local municipalities and a strong tax base have helped local schools and the community at large to flourish. Nick will encourage progress and economic growth in our district while also retaining the area’s historic charm. Nick values the diversity in the West Chester community. Coming himself from an immigrant background, Nick knows that our area’s social, ethnic and religious diversity is one of our area’s greatest assets.

Jobs & Economy

Nick is committed to bettering the lives of workers and employers alike through encouraging job creation. As Representative, he will work to eradicate burdensome regulations and increase growth by attracting new businesses. Nick has worked hand-in-hand with local business owners and understands the troubles posed by government overreach and high taxation. Nick wants to embrace entrepreneurs and business owners by promoting legislation aimed towards helping those businesses to grow.

Balanced Budget

Nick opposes Harrisburg legislators that want to raise taxes to pay for excessive spending. As Representative, Nick will work toward balancing a yearly state budget. While desperate tax-and-spend politicians in Harrisburg want to borrow more money to cover spending. Nick believes in the value of free market solutions such as liquor privatization in boosting state revenue. Nick will press the state legislature to seek new, innovative solutions instead of taking the easy route to funding budget deficits.


Having come through the West Chester Area Schools District, Nick is a strong proponent of our public education system. Nick attended East Bradford Elementary, E. N. Peirce Middle School and B. Reed Henderson High School. He has direct family members who are public school educators in Chester County and he has worked under the guidance of a former educator and administrator in the legislative office of State Representative Harry Lewis, Jr. Nick will support school funding for the WCASD and encourage investment in STEM programs and special education. Nick’s siblings attended private school, and he understands the importance of recognizing local private institutions and working to make the right decisions to help every student in the 156th District. Each student learns differently, and it’s important to understand and accommodate those needs.

Government Accountability


As Township Auditor, Nick served as a fiscal watchdog for the residents in West Goshen Township. He received overwhelming support from both Republicans and Democrats alike during his campaign and was elected on both parties’ tickets. Nick’s public service record illustrates his belief in holding government accountable for spending and taxes. All taxpayers deserve a Representative who will work in their interest. Nick’s investment in the community represents his enduring commitment to protect the things that make Chester County so special.

Pension Reform

For decades, politicians have ignored the vital need for pension reform. Thanks to their inaction, our state’s economic growth is now crippled by a $65+ billion dollar liability in the form of pension debt—an amount that will continue to balloon if left unchecked. If elected, Nick will support pension reform for future employees in Pennsylvania that is fair to workers while also protecting the taxpayer by decreasing debt in our Commonwealth.


Nick firmly believes in the aesthetic value of open spaces and the benefits of environmentally friendly solutions in the 156th District. West Chester’s scenic landscape and natural beauty is a point of distinction and pride.

As Representative, Nick will fight for environmentally friendly initiatives for renewable energy and the preservation of open spaces. Nick is concerned about pipeline construction and supports the empowerment of townships and local municipalities to enact safety assessments to ensure that the safety of all citizens remains our top priority. He is troubled by members of both political parties as they flip-flop their positions on the Mariner East 2 pipeline. Nick Deminski stands with the residents of West Goshen, East Goshen and Westtown as they fight against such dangerous pipelines in our community.

Higher Education


Nick is concerned about the rising costs of higher education and is committed to seeking alternative methods to make higher education more affordable to students. Nick worked hard to self-finance his education, and understands first-hand the stark reality of high tuition costs and student loan debt that many young Pennsylvanians face.


Nick also acknowledges that traditional college isn’t for everyone. If elected, he vows to partner with private companies as well as labor organizations to offer additional options to those who seek non-college alternatives. Nick has met with local schools and companies interested in investing resources and training to those interested. He has also engaged with the Laborers’ Training Facility in Exton and their apprenticeships and training programs.


The 156th district is home of two universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE): West Chester University and Cheney University.


Nick is committed to working together with both institutions to ensure that their needs are met at the state governmental level. West Chester University is the largest of the fourteen PASSHE Schools, and Cheney University is the first Historically Black College/University in the country. These two institutions are vital to our community and deserve special attention and support from local leaders.

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